Think about your career choice. Do you want to leave it to happenstance? Let it be solely driven by financial reward? Most people approach career choice in either of these two ways, and rarely give it due consideration.

Career choice is a recurring process, in which you can expect to re-engage multiple times over a lifetime. Your interests, values, skills, and needs all come into play when choosing a career, whether it is your first career or a post-retirement “encore” career. Wouldn’t it be helpful to find a knowledgeable guide to help you save time, explore the terrain in adequate depth, and get to your destination? Together we will draw connections between who you are and the potential roles, titles, and specific companies or organizations in your locale that fit you best.

We find that people instinctively know what work is right for them. We’ll talk about your daydreams and life experiences to discern who you are, what you want, and what stands in your way. We’ll guide your exploration through skilled questioning, and can utilize formal assessments as well, like the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs. Then together we will develop a specific plan, and line out action steps proven to move you in the direction of your aspirations.


Career Choice for New Graduates

  • Receive professional guidance from a former Director of a University Career Center.
  • Assess the best fit between your skills and employer needs.
  • Market your education to open new career doors.
  • Learn to network and get referrals to meet people who can help you enter their field.
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Career Choice for Encore Careers

  • Leapfrog early careers chosen on the basis of easy access and financial reward.
  • Consider what work—possibly very different—might hold greater meaning and enjoyment.
  • Get help facing the major life changes, and shift from 24/7 workdays to a more balanced lifestyle.
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Gallison Consulting

Dave Gallison was a most competent guide for me as I was going through the process of applying for a new job, transitioning from clinical nursing to administration. I never would have expected anyone to be so dedicated to teaching and helping me.

We were under a bit of a time crunch and he did not hesitate to meet with me in the evenings or respond to emails. He has a wealth of knowledge about résumé writing, interview skills and general presentation tips which are invaluable, especially in a challenging job market.

Several people on my interview panel commented on how prepared I was and how well I interviewed. Much of that credit goes to Dave. I unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone who wants to make an impression and land the job of his or her dreams!

-Dana K, RN

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