Achieve work and life satisfaction with insightful and resourceful career services from Gallison Consulting.
  • “Among Portland career counselors, Dave Gallison stands out for his ability to connect client’s inner worlds and potential career options, and then connect them to his large network of employed professionals.” – Donald Asher

  • “Dave was exceptionally helpful focusing my attention where I would get the most return for time invested.” – Charles M.

  • “I bring inspiration and connections to help others realize their highest potential.” – Dave Gallison, Portland Career Counselor

  • Action-Oriented Career Services at Any Stage

  • “Dave Gallison was a most competent guide for me as I was going through the process of applying for a new job, transitioning from clinical nursing to administration. I never would have expected anyone to be so dedicated to teaching and helping me.” – Dana K, RN

Welcome to Gallison Consulting & Career Counseling

Are you ready to reach your fullest professional and personal potential? As Career Consultants and Counselors, Aaron Good and Dave Gallison developed Gallison Consulting for people like you who are seeking career counseling in Portland, Oregon. If you want the most out of your life’s work, let’s get started.

Whether you need to Choose, Change, or Advance your career, we have solutions tailored to your stage of career development. we offer job seekers proven strategies and insights on all aspects of career management.

Achieve the work and life satisfaction you desire with our action-oriented approach to career management.

  • Start your job search right.
  • Research and connect with employers.
  • Prepare a stand-out résumé.
  • Optimize your interview and negotiation skills.

Choose Your Path

What Is My Life’s Work?
Assess your interests and values, define your marketable skills, explore new or untried options, and get on the right career path.

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Change Your Job

Where Am I Going?
Identify realistic, attainable job prospects, search for your next opportunity with confidence, and obtain sought-after interviews.

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Advance Your Position

How Can I Achieve More?
Anticipate opportunities, leverage your achievements, and reach your professional goals.

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