Action-Oriented Career Management at Any Stage

“Why should I work with a career counselor? Why not attempt this on my own?”

When you choose to invest in yourself and career counseling, you get the support, resources, and accountability of a professional. Together we will accelerate the process of finding and pursuing your life’s work.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and an LPC Intern who specialize in career counseling in the Portland, Oregon area, we have the tools and connections to guide you to new possibilities in your career and life. We are skilled and perceptive listeners, ever alert to your future options and potential obstacles.  As counselors we combine the best of counseling and coaching by initially using a career counseling approach to help you sort through what you may want to do in your next career. Once you are decided, we use a coaching model to help with job search strategies, targeting employers, résumé writing, interview tips, etc.

You can achieve your desired future. If you are looking for a Career Consultant in Portland, Oregon, call us now to get started. Appointments are available in Portland, OR, or by phone or video conference.

“How does career counseling work?”

For an estimate of how long career counseling with Gallison Consulting might take, it depends on what you want to accomplish, how much time and energy you can devote to homework between sessions, and how big the leap is between your present situation and your new career. A single career issue, such as résumé upgrade or interview preparation, might take 2 – 4 meetings, while a career change might take 6 – 12 meetings. How much time you need depends on your unique situation and goals.

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“Which career counseling services are right for me?”

Whatever your career stage, we can help you. Select below for details on each phase of career development.

Gallison Consulting

Choose Your Path

Starting out or want to choose a new career?

  • Clarify interests, strengths, and values.
  • Identify directions and options.
  • Find viable opportunities that fit your unique needs and goals.
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Change Your Job

Considering a job change or been laid off?

  • Create planned change.
  • Answer tough questions like “Should I stay or go?”
  • Upgrade your résumé and target your cover letter.
  • Search the job market more effectively, and prepare for interviews and negotiations.
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Advance Your Position

About time to advance your career?

  • Anticipate opportunities and plan for advancement.
  • Identify factors that may keep you from being noticed.
  • Prepare for, and successfully ask for, a raise.
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