So you want to get promoted. Great! It is a good sign you’re here – it shows you are willing to put the necessary effort into your endeavor. Whether there is a current or projected opening, or you are simply interested in moving up the org chart, you need a strategy for advancing your career.

The process begins with an initial consultation to identify your desires and needs, then Dave or Aaron help you create an action plan to accomplish your goals.  As in career choice, the elements of initial assessment for job advancement are similar – a thorough exploration of who you are and what you want, as well as what stands in the way.

The approach for obtaining a new role with your current employer may involve coaching to expand your knowledge and skillsets, strategizing your next move, and learning how to ‘manage up.’  Once the new position is posted, then the prior emphasis of job change comes into play – strengthening or building a stand-out résumé, preparing to sell your strengths and accomplishments in an interview, and learning effective negotiation skills to optimize salary and benefits.

Finally, perhaps surprisingly, the time directly after you’ve landed a new position is often when Gallison Consulting can help the most to assure success in the new position. The crucial issues that await —

  • “onboarding” during the first 30 days when you have to get used to different tools, company culture, and performance criteria
  • your own challenges of time management, organization and communication
  • the art of people and project management
  • navigating future career development

— all can be effectively addressed with you by experienced counselors who have been in the corporate trenches and understand the subtleties of today’s ever-changing workplace.

Career Advancement and Promotion Preparation

  • Get noticed, and position yourself for a promotion.
  • Prepare for salary negotiations and obtain higher salary and benefits.
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Gallison Consulting

I wanted to move from corporate to nonprofit organizations with the belief that there was something more meaningful I could do with my talents. Dave was exceptionally helpful focusing my attention where I would get the most return for time invested.

It’s difficult to see yourself through the eyes of a prospective employer or business partner. Turning my résumé inside out was a huge benefit. Seeing my credentials aligned with a job description changed how I perceived the function of a résumé. That shift…is like lighting a fresh fuse. Once it starts burning, something big is bound to happen.
– Charles M.