About Gallison Consulting Career Services

Hi, I’m Dave Gallison, Career Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I developed Gallison Consulting to help you find rewarding work. I use a short-term, action-oriented approach to career management. I want to help you choose, change, or advance your career, and fulfill your highest potential.

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I came to Dave with my tail between my legs – I had lost my job in higher education and my confidence and outlook were beaten up a bit. He first helped me sort out some of those feelings and emotions to get on a better footing to look for work. He pointed me to resources that helped me with practical steps and developing a different mental framework to connect with my values and the bigger picture.

Dave encouraged me to network. He helped me to strategize and organize to most effectively do this. I have to say that this was one of the most important things I gained in our work – networking with people is a powerful tool (whether you are looking for a job or not).

Dave does not do the work for you, but he is very good at prompting and encouraging when action needed to be made.

When I was offered a new job Dave helped me think through the offer to optimize my negotiations with the new employer.

-MS, 57, University Executive